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Looking for Something Fun and Rewarding? 

Tilikum Dragons is an all-inclusive women's team, so come as you are. No paddling experience? No problem! You're guaranteed to learn some amazing new skills, and we will support your learning process every step of the way.

The purpose of our team is to promote fitness, friendship, and sportsmanship for women who choose to compete in dragon boat paddling competitions. Our team competes in various regional races, including but not limited to Portland, Salem, Olympia, and Tacoma. Teammates who also desire the opportunity to travel will race in locations voted on by the team such as Victoria BC, Las Vegas, San Diego, etc. 

Warning: Paddling will cause extreme happiness!  

Be Our Guest!

Are you interested in coming out on the water to see what paddling is like? Just send us an email! No pressure or obligation to join - just come and give it a try. If you decide you love it, we will help you with the next steps to becoming an official Tilikum Dragon. In the meantime, click on the FAQs below for some of the basics.


Victoria Dragon Boat Festival, Victoria, BC, (2022 Race)



When are Practices?

Our 2024 practice schedule is Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:45 pm, and Saturday mornings at 7:45 am. During the winter months, we take some downtime for the holidays but maintain a practice schedule of approximately 1x weekly on Saturday mornings (weather permitting). The expectation is that all teammates attend 75% of practices during the main season - especially if registered for an upcoming race.

When are races, and do I have to participate?

Racing season typically starts in March and ends in September (or October if we have a travel race). Race dates vary depending on location, and can fluctuate a bit year-to-year. Paddlers are not required to sign up for races, although it is encouraged.

New teammates, especially those who are new to dragon boating, can sometimes feel intimidated by the thought of racing. Don't fret! Dragon boating events are loaded with fun and healthy competition, and we are here to support you 100% as you acclimate.  If you aren't interested in racing, and want to join the team as a recreational paddler, that's okay too!

What are the costs?

The first step is to join Dragon Sports USA; there is a 1x lifetime membership fee of $40. After that, you can officially join the team! The Tilikum Dragons require a 1x joining fee of $25. 

After that, annual season dues are $200, which can be paid monthly if needed. Race fees are typically no more than $25 each, as we also collaborate in team fundraising to help reduce individual costs. Fundraising also supports scholarships for anyone who needs them, as we never want financial concerns to be a barrier to team member participation. 

For team members who opt to attend out-of-town races requiring flights, longer driving distances, and/or lodging, there will be additional expenses. But, we always work as a team to help reduce costs for individuals by ridesharing and booking a shared hotel or AirB&B space.

What Equipment do I need?

More info coming soon!

What should i wear?

More info coming soon!

We look forward to meeting you soon.