Tilikum Dragons  Est. 2018


Tilikum Dragons is a women's dragon boat team in Portland, OR committed to being a positive influence on each other and our community, both on and off the water. We are an inclusive and accepting group of women, as well as supporters who honor and respect each other. 

We are inclusive of all skill and experience levels, and our members show commitment to each other by prioritizing regular season and race practice attendance, technical development, overall fitness, and good sportsmanship. 

‘Tilikum’ is a PNW Native American word meaning “friends, relations, tribe, family.”


As a team, we work hard to achieve our goals! But we also foster laughter and enjoyment on the water.


Tilikum Dragons empower one another, on and off the water, to be the best we can be.


There's no "i" in team! We are an inclusive team of women who build friendships that will last a lifetime.


thank you, 2024 sponsors!